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The Missing Ink by Philip Hensher

Nerd alert.  Unless you are into handwriting, typography, and fountain pens you probably aren’t going to enjoy this book.  Fortunately for me I’m enamored of all three.  Like most people I hate my handwriting.  It’s crabbed, and even when I remark to myself that ah… that’s a nicely turned capital K…when I go back to read it later.  I can’t.

This book feels your pain and embarrassment in a soothing sort of way. While it was a little rambling and often went down odd little paths.  SHINY. If you can bear this (which I can) then you will enjoy Mr. Hensher’s book.

Shout out to Chapter 28 – My Italic Nightmare wherein the author goes on a search for a pen with an italic nib.  He searches all over the boroughs and ends up with the same type of pen, a Lamy, that he already owns…but the journey is filled with adventure.

Again you probably need to have “super geek” powers to enjoy this.  You know who you are…

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