Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith

Examination of reverse slavery in fictional modern day America.

Mr. Smith can write a good story.  The action is fast paced if sometimes a little implausible, i.e. almost everyone seems to be smoking hot which is OK for the fantasy factor in a book.  The basic story is Martin Grey, civil rights lawyer, beats notorious lawyer Damon Darrel in a hotly contested trial.

This sets up the book for Damon to befriend Martin and eventually initiate him into the manor at Forty Acres, a place of reverse slavery where black men are the masters and whites are the slaves.  This is a great setup that allows the book to progress.

Yes there are some inconsistencies but a little suspension of disbelief about how Martin is able to come out on top without being killed and you’ve got a great read.

The ending will make you realize you’ve forgotten to breathe for a few minutes.

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