Things Half in Shadow by Alan Finn

Things Half in ShadowThings Half in Shadow by Alan Finn
My rating: 4 of 5 tophats

Journalist hired to debunk Philadelphia’s mediums in post Civil War 1869 discovers the best medium to murder mediums.

All is not as it appears to be as you’ll soon discover in this thrilling, chilling, story by Alan Finn.

Philadelphia 1869. Mediums abound after the Civil War has run its course. Most of them are charlatans some of them aren’t. Lenora Pastor is the real thing but someone doesn’t want the dead to tell tales to the living.

This is not a gore fest by any means but I found myself checking over my shoulder a couple of times when reading this…and there might have been a light left on overnight…by accident of course. You’ll enjoy the case of the heebie jeebies you’ll get from this tight tale.

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