Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

Coming of rage story!

Harvard and Cambridge educated Tara Westover details a lifetime of systemic abuse by survivalist parent-sibling/captors.

Ms. Westover lays bare decades of harsh physical and mental abuse particularly by one of her siblings and her father. The mother turns a blind eye or blames the victim for prompting the cruelty. Westover shows us exactly what you get in an America that normalizes and tolerates the notion that women are chattel.

There is no true way for Ms. Westover to escape. Early on you realize she can’t leave without funds and a support system of which she has neither. But I found myself repeating the mantra, “just leave, please go, just leave, you’re going to die if you don’t.”

Westover’s salvation comes in the form of education. How she goes from living in the house of evil to matriculate at Harvard and Cambridge is admirable. But on the shadow side, you see that Westover will never escape in full the hell she lived through. It is a true wonder that she wasn’t killed by her father’s lack of attention to safety and her brother’s violent temper. Frankly after this book comes out I would still be very concerned for her safety.

Educated will engage and enrage you and make you realize that evil in the name of God and religion doesn’t lurk among us – it deliberately makes itself known in the name of righteousness.

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